WANTED: Wampum-maker

When searching the word ‘wampum’ on the internet I found this listing from the Pennsylvania Gazette.  The Library Company in Philadelphia has an original and I was able to capture the ‘WANTED’ listing.

“Broke out of Cape May goal (old word for ‘jail’) on the second of January mft (this year). A man, named Jacob Bennet, born in Bucks County, is about 42 years of age, fresh complexion, and can talk Low Dutch well. He is a Wampum-maker by trade. Whoever takes up and secures said Bennet in any goal, so as he may be had again, shall receive four pounds reward, and reasonable charges, from John Shaw, sheriff of Cape May county.”

Pennsylvania Gazette  [Philadelphia : Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1755]

Thanks to The Library Company of Philadelphia for the permission to reproduce here.